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Preparing for the Interview

Keys To A Successful Job Interview

Congratulations ! You have been called for an interview because the client is interested in your mix of skills and experience. 
So don’t be shy about  describing  your skills and attributes – take the opportunity to sell  yourself.

Responding to Interview Questions


Plan Ahead

Your consultant will brief you on the role, provide full details of who you are to meet, their name/names, title, the job title and description, and advise what form the interview will take – i.e. behavioral interview style, questions and answers, a test format or a mix.

  • Do some research on the company so you can talk informatively about it.
  • Prepare examples of significant competencies or qualities that are relevant to the job description.
  • Think about your past experience in relation to the job you are applying to.
  • Prepare an inventory of your skills, abilities, strengths, accomplishments and anything that makes you unique and separates you from the average person doing your job. Write them down noting examples - rehearse them.
  • Practice your elevator speech.
  • Prepare potential interview answers, select examples and plan questions to ask.

On The Day

  • Arrive on time and look your best. First impressions matter. 
  • Be confident and self-assured. Walk with confidence, give a firm handshake, look interviewers in the eye, smile a lot (but sincerely), and take
     interest in the interviewer. 
  • Keep your strengths top-of-mind (Refer Gallup’s Clifton StrengthsFinder®assessment).
  • Provide specific examples that demonstrates that you understand customers. Most companies are focused on getting more business from existing customers. If you can offer compelling evidence that you are able to build rapport  and develop relationships with customers - you will score highly.
  • Talk tech to techies only.
  • Identify your weaknesses ahead of time and learn how to present them positively, with examples.
  • Never talk about pay until after you’ve been offered the job. 
  • Summarise how your skills are appropriate to the client’s requirements and re-confirm your interest in the role without appearing arrogant. 

After the Interview

Please let the De Winter International consultant know how the interview went immediately after the interview. Where possible we like to follow up with the client promptly.  

The De Winter Consultant will be interested to know your perception of how the interview and what the client’s reaction is likely to be.
Let us know what went well and anything you felt you could have done better or forgot.
The consultant will appreciate a call from you before the client calls them.
It helps the consultant if you make them aware of your interest and feelings towards the position.  

We appreciate your prompt feedback following your interview and will call you as soon as we hear from the client.

At De Winter International, we are dedicated to partnering with you to assist you to secure your right place to work.

Plan Ahead
Plan Ahead