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Premier Candidate Programme

Overview of the Premier Candidate Programme

The 'Premier Candidate Programme‘ is De Winter’s flagship service for candidates which has been running for almost 20 years. 

In this formalised programme, De Winter undertakes to promote exceptional or 'Premier' candidates to the NZ IT market place extensively and exclusively. 

Established in 1996, De Winter’s Premier Candidate Programme has been successful in assisting hundreds of highly qualified IT professionals build successful careers in New Zealand.

De Winter’s success with the PCP programme capitalises on two factors – the company’s knowledge of the IT Industry and the highly focused marketing effort undertaken by the consultants involved.

How does it work?

The New Zealand IT employment market is small and diverse by international standards, consequently it makes sense for job seekers to work with an experienced consultant who has knowledge of the IT employment market and has the ability, reputation and energy to proactively promote them to potential employers. Working with suitably qualified IT professionals, our consultants proactively identify roles in the New Zealand IT job market on their behalf.

This involves our consultants:

  • Working diligently and professionally to identify key roles for the Premier Candidates that we invite onto the programme. 
  • Leveraging their knowledge to bring to the notice of employers, candidates of interest. 

The programme is successful for the following reasons: 

  • It leverages the consultant’s track record and knowledge of the IT Industry. 
  • It involves a highly focused marketing effort by the De Winter consultant assigned Candidate value is enhanced by only sharing candidate information with interested employers. 

Who is eligible?

The Programme is available to New Zealand based candidates, returning New Zealand citizens and overseas candidates who are have marketable skills and experience. 

Regrettably, we are unable to accept candidates onto the PCP who have distributed their CV’s to multiple agencies during the past six months. We would be pleased however, to receive your CV and consider you for notified vacancies.


Benefits of the Programme

  1. The overriding benefit is that the Premier Candidate Programme offers the applicant an opportunity to engage in direct and qualified approach to prospective employers working with a trusted agent.
  2. In today’s uncertain business environment securing your desired position can be a very slow and frustrating process. Job seekers who simply respond to advertised vacancies are almost certainly likely to be disappointed as:
    • Many opportunities are never advertised.
    • Employers who do advertise do not respond to the CV’s they receive.
  3. Job seekers who send their CV’s to multiple agencies are also likely to be disappointed with the lack of response from agencies. The reason for this is that top consultants cannot afford to commit to working with a candidate if there is the prospect of another agency representing the candidate to the target employer. The net result may well be that your CV is devalued and you end up being presented fewer opportunities.

The benefits of working with De Winter consultants

  • De Winter consultants are able to present you more objectively and successfully than you can represent yourself. 
  • As trusted advisors of employers, De Winter consultants are able draw on their in depth knowledge of the employer’s specific needs and business knowledge in assessing you.
  • While skilled IT people have always been in short supply, spotting the skill and bringing the applicants skills to the attention of an employer at the right time is an art.
  • As your recruitment partner and coach our consultants will work with you diligently and professionally drawing on their experience to assist you to match your skill set and aspirations to appropriate career opportunities.
  • Our goal and primary focus is to identify roles of interest, represent you knowledgeably to the employer and to successfully negotiate a job offer for your new position in New Zealand.  

Joining the Programme

While the Premier Candidate  Programme is running it is in effect a virtual partnership between the candidate and the consultant. 
For this reason, we will only accept you onto a Programme if we are confident that: 

  • We can help you.
  • You are prepared to commit to the programme by:

- Maintaining open communications.
- Being available when required for interview within a reasonable time frame.
- Providing the specific information we require.  
- You are committed  to working with our consultant exclusively for an agreed period of time.

Our commitment to you

  1. We will nominate an experienced consultant will look you after personally.   
  2. We will review your CV and discuss your prospects and objectives with you.
  3. If we do mutually agree to proceed we will be committing ourselves to providing you with the very best service available.
  4. We will provide you with post offer advice.
  5. Where multiple offers result from our efforts we will advise you impartially on the merits of each offer secure in the knowledge that we have fully canvassed the market on your behalf and that you are considering all the opportunities available to you during this window of opportunity. 

In return we ask you

To give us the opportunity to promote you within the market place for an agreed period of time.
The reason for this is that we do not charge for our candidates fees.
In undertaking this candidate-driven service for you we will be committing considerable effort on your behalf and, for substantial periods of time, working for you.

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