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Ever since the pioneering days of computing in the 50’s and 60’s, there has been a shortage of suitably qualified computer professionals. 

Contractors are considered by many organisations to be the most cost effective employment option. Employing permanent staff involves training and providing continuing work after each project is completed.

What Is A Contractor?

A Contractor is an individual who enters into a contract for service with a third party either on his/her own or as an employee of a company, to assist with the completion of a project.

Contractors are highly qualified, highly paid individuals. They often have obtained additional education and technical training in their field. They are, therefore, very qualified to handle most jobs in their specific discipline and thus earn more than permanent staff for their work.

Typically, the average length of a contract assignment is from six to nine months. Many last longer; some are also shorter. Once an assignment is completed, the contractor moves on to other projects or to another employer.


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