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About De Winter International

Established in 1996, De Winter International is a New Zealand owned specialist IT Recruitment consultancy that assists IT Professionals to develop their careers in New Zealand.  Well established in NZ Technology market, De Winter is dynamic and innovative. The services that we provide are constantly evolving to meet both clients and candidates needs.

Our Objectives  

  • To assist our clients build world class technical and operational capability in information technology in New Zealand.
  • To assist job seekers to secure in positions aligned to their career goals.

Why De Winter is Different from Other Recruiters?

  • We focus 100% on IT roles across New Zealand.
  • Our experienced consultants are Talent Acquisition specialists with 10+ years industry specific experience.
  • We value the candidates that we represent and invest our time to fully understand the client and candidate needs.
  • We proactively make inquiries on behalf of job seekers who qualify for our Premier Candidate programme.
  • We have successfully placed hundreds of IT candidates in New Zealand. Notably we have secured hundreds of IT jobs for overseas candidates on the De Winter Premier Candidate Programme since it began in 1996.
  • Our consultants have deep experience in helping "new kiwis" make the transition from their home countries to New Zealand. We welcome applications  from candidates planning to live in New Zealand at any stage in the process.
  • Our reputation for quality placements has been earned through presenting clients with IT professionals who understand their business needs and deliver results.Our focus on specialist roles has been instrumental in building our reputation for locating hard to find skilled people for clients.
  • Our focus on specialist roles has been instrumental in building our reputation for locating hard to find skilled people for clients.
  • We have built our reputation based on our strong commitment to local and overseas candidates.

Our Team 

 Small enough to be flexible in our approach and yet large enough to handle any assignment

  • Our experienced consultants are talent acquisition specialists who constantly network with IT professionals and match them with IT jobs to meet our client’s needs. 
  • Our consultants take the time to understand the value that candidates bring to our clients, as they recognise that for many specialist information technology roles, experienced people are difficult to find.

Where We Operate

 Recruiting nationwide in New Zealand

  • De Winter International is based in Auckland and has clients in all the major cities in New Zealand.

De Winter International is committed to helping you find the right place to work in New Zealand

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